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Thank You, Ken Tam: Celebrating 40 Years of Service at Clifton

Posted on April 30, 2024

Ken Tam is celebrating 40 years at Clifton! Ken has been a steadfast figure in the Regina laboratory, overseeing technical services and providing support to all Clifton labs. 

As a technical advisor managing multi-million dollar projects, Ken specializes in the testing of soil, concrete, and asphalt. His expertise extends to triaxial and direct shear testing of soil, concrete and asphalt mix designs, and performance testing of aggregates and ballast rock. Ken believes in providing comprehensive solutions and ensuring client satisfaction, making Clifton a one-stop shop for engineering needs.

Ken’s technical expertise is matched only by his dedication to guiding numerous summer students and interns, providing many young professionals with their first hands-on experience in the industry. He is fulfilled by seeing the success of the people he mentors, reflecting his commitment not only to Clifton’s standards of excellence but also to shaping the next generation of engineers. 

Outside of work, Ken enjoys basketball and exploring a wide array of cuisines, showcasing his zest for life and curiosity. His 40 years of service have not only contributed to Clifton’s reputation for excellence but have also set a standard of leadership and commitment that resonates across all aspects of his life.

We are immensely grateful for your four decades of service, leadership, and mentorship at Clifton. Your enduring commitment has significantly shaped our community and set a high standard for future generations. Thank you, Ken, for everything you have done and continue to do for Clifton and the broader engineering community.

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