Mile 086.70 Bredenbury Subdivision


Canadian Pacific


Geotechnical site investigations; slope stability analysis; remedial stability and groundwater drainage designs and grading plans; tender preparation; construction supervision; material testing of proposed sub-ballast and shear key granular; project management; as-constructed surveys for verification of design and pay quantities; and as-constructed reporting


Harrowby, Manitoba

  • R3338.3 and 4 Earth Science 002 PSD5

Project Highlights

Clifton conducted landslide remediation for the CP Mainline Track at Mile 86.70, Bredenbury Subdivision. On this side of the track, bentonitic cretaceous shale had been sliding from the valley wall. Previous remedial activities at the site included the construction of 95 m and 105 m long shear keys immediately downslope of the track. However, slope instability continued east and west of the shear keys, affecting the track’s crosslevel and alignment, resulting in the deformation of the timber trestle bridge. Since the track had to remain in service, the location of the shear keys was shifted upslope, into the valley wall, prior to the excavation.

Clifton Key Personnel

Allen Kelly - Project Manager
Wayne Clifton - Senior Review
Ryan Kozun - Field Engineer
Steve Gardner - Field Supervisor