Hydro/Geotechnical Drilling & Shaft Freezing Feasibility


Cameco Corporation/Wardrop (later TetraTech)


Design, grading, quantity estimation, survey, geotechnical characterization, hydrological analysis, scheduling, and support with environmental permitting and construction license applications


Near Key Lake, Saskatchewan

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Project Highlights

This project required the feasibility study-level design of a proposed greenfield underground uranium mine in northern Saskatchewan and an all-weather road connecting it to an existing mill nearby.

To provide mine design and consistent capital cost estimates, Clifton Associates worked with engineers from Wardrop/TetraTech and Cameco, as well as several other specialists.The tasks associated with this portion of the project included the layout of surface facilities, site grading, ore and waste rock handling, and planning for the minimization of environmental effects. Fieldwork included core logging, test pitting, geotechnical drilling, groundwater investigation, piezometer installation, and groundwater monitoring. Additional duties included the assessment of directional drilling, as a means of installing water intake and discharge pipes into nearby lakes; evaluation of transportation options; and a feasibility analysis of ground freezing prior to shaft sinking and ore production.

In regards to the access road, Clifton Associates advanced the design from a prior prefeasibility outline to a more definitive alignment strategy. This required determination of material quantities and construction requirements for estimation of capital costs. This portion of the project also included a traffic study, selection of bridge crossing locations, geotechnical analysis of proposed crossing locations and extended sections of muskeg, survey and hydrological analysis of stream crossings, quantity estimates and balancing, scheduling, routing and design to upgrade existing trails to a tote road and temporary crossings, alignment survey and establishment of new control monuments, and preliminary location of potential sources of aggregate.

Clifton Key Personnel

Meryl Klassen / Jason Gasmo / Jorge Ortiz- Lead Civil Engineer
Albert Abeleira-Project Geologist, GIS Support & Technical Specialist
Amanda Munshaw- Civil Engineer
Allan Widger- Senior Review
Jon Osback- Geotechnical Engineer
Roberto Cortez / Aseret Ruiz- Civil Design
Kent Pointon- Senior Surveyor
Geoff Haanen- Environmental Specialist