Geohazard Risk Assessment


Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure


Project management, risk ranking, geohazard inspections, remedial design, tendering, construction supervision, reporting


Over 70 sites throughout Saskatchewan

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Project Highlights

Clifton Associates was responsible for developing a risk-based geohazard assessment system for the Saskatchewan Highway Network. From 2004 to 2012, they performed annual geohazard inspection tours to risk rank over 70 sites. The landslide risk management system later evolved to include erosion hazards.

The work completed on each site consisted of a visual inspection, instrumentation monitoring, and a review of the slope inclinometer and piezometric information. Clifton Associates then provided inspection reports and made recommendations based on the level of risk identified for each site. In addition to this, they completed emergency call-out inspections of geohazards, which included inspection, investigation, slope stability modelling, remedial design, tendering, construction supervision, and management.

In 2013, MHI tendered out all three regions for monitoring. Clifton Associates was responsible for project management of the Northern Region and was awarded the Northern and Central Regions' geohazard risk management inspections, risk rankings, and reporting.

Clifton Key Personnel

Wayne Clifton - Senior Review, Expert Panel
Allen Kelly - Project Manager
Kyle Mason - Project Engineer