BD3 Integrated Carbon Capture & Storage (ICCS)




Prime consulting, geotechnical investigations, foundation design criteria


Boundary Dam Power Station, Estevan, Saskatchewan

  • R4455.3 006 PSD2
  • R4455.3 001 PSD

Project Highlights

Clifton conducted geotechnical investigations and provided foundation design criteria for the SaskPower Integrated Carbon Capture and Storage project.

  • Provided testing and lab analysis for several structures, including the heat rejection system, flue gas cooler, S02/C02 absorber building, and duct supports.
  • Conducted field work, including measurement of soil resistivity, monitoring and analysis of static and dynamic pile load testing, and quality assurance during the installation of driven steel and augured concrete piles.
  • Analysis included the performance assessment of mat and pile foundations, lateral load carrying capacity of piles, and WEAP analysis of driven steel piles.
  • Provided quality assurance/quality control testing during construction, including camera inspection of augured piles; inspection of driven steel piles and micropiles; compaction testing of soil; and testing of concrete and grout.

Clifton Key Personnel

Richard Yoshida – Senior Geotechnical Engineer/Project Manager
Jasyn Henry – Project Engineer
Matt Novack – Project Engineer
Amber Dickson – Field Technologist