498th Avenue Extension / Hwy. 2 Interchange Project


Municipal District of Foothills, the Town of High River, and Alberta Transportation


Design, construction and commissioning, realignment, survey, geotechnical investigation, permitting, materials testing and inspection


North of the Town of High River, Alberta

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Project Highlights

Clifton designed, constructed and commissioned the extension of Highway 543 across the Highwood River to Highway 2.  This required the design of urban and rural connector roadways for access to the Town of High River and the construction of two bridges.
To reduce the overall cost and schedule of the project, Clifton provided a design alternative that utilized the majority of the existing road allowance and minimized overall bridge length, eliminating the need for a pier to be placed in the Highwood River. By realigning the northbound lanes of Hwy 2 and crafting innovative pavement markings and delineation, Clifton was also able to reduce the span of the bridge at the interchange, while still accommodating large vehicles and farm equipment. The design of a tight Diamond Interchange allowed for upgrades to accommodate future traffic increases and minimized the impact on surrounding property owners.
Finally, Clifton provided drainage design in an area prone to flooding, with the use of detention ponds between ramps and Hwy. 2.

  • Performed preliminary survey, site control and calibration
  • Provided traffic analysis and modeling using Syncro and AutoTurn
  • Conducted geotechnical investigations of roadways, borrows, and bridges
  • Designed pavement structures for:
    3.7 km of RAU-212.4 roadway from Highway 2A to Hwy. 2
    1.5 km of Urban Primary Collector Roadway (City of Calgary Specifications)- 5th Street
    1.5 km of 9.0 m Rural connector roads- 20th/112th Streets
    The Highway 2 Interchange
  • Conducted Geometric design for:
    Modifications of Type V signalized intersection at Highway 2A
    Modifications of Type IV treatments at 5th and 20th/112th Street Connectors
    The Diamond Interchange with accommodations for the future EB to NB loop ramp
    The realignment of Highway 2 NBL (1.8 km of 3 lane roadway)
    Realignment of the East Service road (1.5 km of rural gravel roadway)
  • Designed two overhead sign structures
  • Designed drainage system
  • Prepared environmental permits for approval
  • Inspected construction sites for adherence to design drawings and specifications
  • Administered piling inspection and QA materials testing of concrete, subgrade, GBC, and asphalt materials

Clifton Key Personnel

Craig Clifton - Project Director
Greg Bulych - Project Engineer
Octaviano Salgado - Lead Designer
Brian Reroma - Traffic Analyst
Allan Widger - Geotechnical and Material Testing Lead