Civil Engineering

The Civil Practice Group assists government agencies, private corporations, and local municipalities with the construction of highways, roadways, airports, and other lineal infrastructure.  This group is broken down into four main areas of expertise: Civil Design, Transportation, Construction Management, and Geomatics Engineering.

Civil Design

The Civil Design Group provides engineering design through AutoCAD®. They produce drawings and digital information, which include changes made during construction, to guide contractors and our Construction Group. They advise clients of the potential impact of design aspects and make recommendations to reduce conflicts with other stakeholders.

The group specializes in infrastructure, including grading design and earthworks modeling; highway geometric design; intersection treatment, including modern roundabouts, interchange design, and geometrics; traffic modeling; vehicle turning analysis; railway design; pavement design; material and aggregate assessment; municipal land development; site grading; underground utilities design for storm and sanitary sewer and potable water; and storm water management, including hydraulic analysis and erosion control.

Transportation Engineering

The Transportation Group oversees design and coordination of projects, including high-level assessment of risk analysis and budgeting. They complete transportation planning; route evaluation and investigations; and traffic analysis and operations for traffic impact assessments. Their transportation experience consists of work for new construction; grade widening; pavement rehabilitation and crack repair projects for rural and urban roadways; and construction of new rail lines and spurs for terminals and hubs.

Construction Management

The Construction Group ensures that the end product is constructed according to design, the materials being used meet required specifications, construction procedures adhere to contract provisions, and the client is satisfied. They provide these services for new site projects, roadway construction grading and surfacing projects, and rail construction projects.  Construction managers and inspectors support materials technicians, providing quality control and quality assurance for materials used during construction.

Geomatics Engineering

The Geomatics Group uses conventional survey and unmanned aerial vehicle methods to map and create digital models of our project sites. They provide georeferenced information on topographical features and existing infrastructure by combining terrestrial, aerial, and bathymetric survey information with digital elevation models. They support our construction managers through layout, quantity calculations, monitoring, and as-built surveys.