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Driving Safety Forward: Clifton’s Off-Road Training Experience with ARC

Posted on June 6, 2024

Last weekend, we had the fantastic opportunity to enhance our commitment to safety by participating in Clifton’s first comprehensive off-road training session hosted by ARC Off Road Training Ltd. (ARC). Sixteen of our students and junior field staff from our Calgary and Edmonton offices gathered at Maclean Creek, AB, to learn the ins and outs of 4WD training, off-roading driver techniques, truck handling, recovery methods, and site condition awareness. The session was a great experience, fostering teamwork and communication while benefiting from the expertise of ARC’s knowledgeable instructors.

At Clifton, safety is our top priority, and this training is a testament to our dedication to ensuring our team is prepared for anything. The skills and confidence gained from this training will help us preserve our equipment, reduce risks, and operate more efficiently on challenging terrains. Clifton continuously strives to maintain and exceed industry standards, ensuring a secure and safe environment for all. Thanks to ARC for an incredible experience!

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