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Fostering a collaborative culture of safety. Continuously improving our safety systems. Realizing our goal of an Incident-Free workplace.
Safety is as important to our business as honesty and integrity.
Wayne Clifton
CEO and Founder

What IF?

What if safety was about people? What if we pursued excellence from a stance of support, collaboration, and care? What if everyone in the organization was empowered and responsible for safety? What if we led the way to an Incident-Free industry?

Adaptable, Client-Centric Safety Management Program

For over 45 years, we have been committed to safely delivering profitable projects to happy clients.

Our Health and Safety Management program adapts to client expectations and protocols while complying with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and local occupational health and safety legislation.

We are in good standing with multiple provincial Workers’ Compensation Boards, and are qualified in safety platforms such as ISN, ComplyWorks, and Avetta.

12 Month Rolling Loss Time
Injury Frequency (LTIF) *
* LTIF is the Loss Time Injuries per 200,000 labour hours

* Clifton has operated since 2016 without a Loss Time Injury

Total Recordable
Injury Frequency (TRIF) *
* TRIF is the number of Medical Aid Injuries per 200,000 labour hours

Collaborative Culture of Safety

Our transparent and supportive culture encourages everyone to identify and eliminate hazards and empowers all to work safely. We have a:

Maintaining a Focus on Safety

We keep safety considerations firmly in view by:


The Clifton

What IF? We continually ask, "What if?" to create effective strategies for ensuring the safety of our employees and those impacted by our work.