Urban Remediation and Site Management Plan


Environmental and consulting services, Phase II Environmental Site assessment, health risk assessment, site management plan, in-situ and ex-situ remediation, monitoring, sampling


Calgary, Alberta

  • sears PSD2

Project Highlights

This project required groundwater investigation and remediation in both an active commercial district and a residential district.

  • Coordinated multiple shareholders and sub-consultants.
  • Performed a thorough groundwater investigation to characterize and explain groundwater impacts.
  • Prepared a site management plan to control impacts and reduce client liability.
  • Managed a remedial excavation within an active commercial site, remediating 69,000 m3 of impacted soil.
  • Installed and operated a Dual Phase Vapor Extraction system within the residential community, enabling site cleanup without affecting residents.

Clifton Key Personnel

Dave Kent – Senior Review and Guidance
Mark Lehar – Senior Review and Guidance
Craig Clifton – Project Manager
Stephen d’Abadie – Project Manager
Fabian Isaza – Project Manager
Gavin Clarke – Project Technician
Hugo Beenke – Project Technician
Matthew Foulkes – Project Technician