Onion Lake Cree Nation


Onion Lake Cree Nation c/o Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada


Environmental site assessment, landfarm development, remedial excavation activities


Onion Lake Cree Nation, Onion Lake, Saskatchewan

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Project Highlights

Clifton Associates was responsible for conducting a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) at the Onion Lake Cree Nation service station. To keep the cost to a minimum, Clifton Associates coordinated the First Nation members and contractors, who provided labour and construction services for the remedial activities. Unfortunately, the start date for the project was delayed by the client, which meant that the work had to be completed in the winter months. Despite the late start and difficulties working with frozen ground, the dedicated project personnel ensured that the project was completed in time to qualify for federal funding.

The Phase II ESA indicated hydrocarbon impacts. Based on a matrix evaluation method, a guideline approach was selected as the most appropriate remedial option. A remedial action plan was then developed and submitted to INAC for approval. A site suitability study was completed and a landfarm was designed and constructed on the available land at the OLCN landfill. The team completed an excavation at the service station, where decommissioned underground tanks were removed. This was an additional challenge, as they encountered three underground fuel storage tanks when only two were identified previously. The project manager and field staff notified the client immediately, discussed the work with the contractor, and proceeded with the work to prevent any unnecessary delays. The impacted soils were excavated and hauled to the landfill, and the remediation of the soil was initiated.

Clifton Key Personnel

Dave Kent - Senior Review
Geoff Haanen - Project Manager
Lindsay Larre - Project Technician