Environmental Impact Assessment on a Wind Turbine Site


Cowessess First Nation


Project description for federal regulatory agencies, environmental impact assessment, approvals, and permits


Cowessess First Nation

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Project Highlights

Clifton Associates was responsible for scheduling and coordinating efforts to complete baseline environmental studies of rare plants and animals in the project area, for conducting breeding bird and migratory surveys, and for collecting physical information on background noise levels, seismicity, and geology.  They prepared an environmental impact statement and a detailed project description for submission to the federal regulatory agencies. Once they obtained the regulatory approvals and permits required to erect the turbine and tower, they prepared questionnaire-type surveys and developed an informational outline of the project. Clifton Associates used these resources to lead stakeholder engagement activities and public meetings, where the feedback was used to gauge public concern and/or support for the project.

Noise from the turbine was a primary concern. To alleviate potential problems, Clifton Associates completed a computer-generated noise model of the project, and through mitigation by turbine positioning, they determined that noise levels at receptor locations would be acceptable.

Clifton Key Personnel

Bryce Jardine - Project Manager