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Clifton's PDA Proficiency Extends to Advanced

We are proud to announce that Jasyn Henry and Rashedul Chowdhury have achieved ADVANCED and INTERMEDIATE level of proficiency in the PDI/PDCA Dynamic Measurement and Analysis Proficiency Test!

The ADVANCED level puts Clifton amongst the top few consultants in the country that provide Pile Driving Analyzer (PDA) services to the consulting and construction industry and Jasyn is only the sixth engineer in Canada that has achieved this designation.

PDA tests are performed during or after installation of steel or concrete piles.  Piles are instrumented with accelerometers and strain gauges to measure the pile response to a high strain impact from a driving hammer.  Data collected can be analyzed in the field or post-processed for detailed analyses of pile performance. Testing and reporting is in accordance with ASTM D4945 Standard Test Method for High-Strain Dynamic Testing of Deep Foundations.  Confirming pile capacity as part of a QA/QC program allows the geotechnical designer to use a higher resistance factor that generally reduces the cost of a foundation.  


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Posted on 3/21/2017